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2013-Jul-15, 07:13 AM
I originally joined the Badastronomy forums cause I have a passion for astronomy. Most of the astronomical conspiracies I had never even heard of (except for the moon landing hoax, which had been around for a while), and I learned about the many theories considered and whether they were plausible or not by Philip and the other posters on the forum.

Between the point I joined Badastronomy and now, I re-entered school for a degree in computer network security. I am less than a year from graduating with a bachelors degree. One of my general classes requires me to select a topic I disagree with passionately. While I could have selected other topics that are more common, I chose to select the topic of conspiracy theories. Heck, I thought this would be a piece of cake! The catch is that I have to select an article that I don't agree with the author about (in regards to opinion and findings).

I guess the point of this post is this...After searching the schools library and not finding an article that went against my beliefs...I resorted to a Google search, and what did I find? More articles in support of skepticism to the hoaxes than in favor of them! On the first page of Google...there wasn't a single article, blog, commentary, whateveryouwannacallit that supported a "conspiracy" against any "theory". While there were some that "seemed" to support a conspiracy theory, the author actually resorted to dispelling the theory with (OMG) science, and some common sense!

So basically, what I'm saying is that I have always appreciated what you and everyone else here has done to educate people and try to help the people who are "on-the-fence" about issues to feel more at ease...but honestly, YOU GUYS ARE MUCKING UP MY STUFF!!! I cannot even use this as a research topic now! I remember when I first joined Badastronomy, the first few Google results were of articles SUPPORTING hoaxes...now there's nothing even on the first page! And most posters may already know...there is nothing EVER valuable after the first page of Google!

Anyway...I LOVE this group...but COME ON!...Do you guys have to make everything hard?!?!

2013-Jul-15, 01:33 PM
You're welcome! :)

2013-Jul-15, 02:24 PM
This forum has tried hard to discourage conspiracy theories, politics, religion and selected areas of not mainstream. I'm not sure why, but likely your University has a similar unofficial policy, so possibly you need to modify your research topic. With considerable extra rules you can discuss almost anything in the ATM = against the main stream section, off topic babbling, Life in Space, and/or the conspiracy theory section. www.answers.yahoo.com often allows far out stuff, but more than half of the answers are flawed, if not wrong.
I have not checked recently, but Richard C. Hoaglund has a web site where you can likely find lots of topics to disagree with. Another I think is called "After Dark", which was Art Bell long ago. Neil

2013-Jul-19, 04:26 AM
Grapes, glad to see you're still posting here! :-)

Neil - I appreciate the info. I remember Hoaglund from years ago and have completely forgotten about him, Lieder, and Sibrel in the past few years. Wasn't till I decided to write a paper on conspiracy theories that I started remembering all the past debates on this forum. Maybe I'll have to go directly to a website such as Hoaglund's to find what I'm looking for.