View Full Version : “Blue” Exoplanet Now Seen in X-rays for the First Time

2013-Jul-29, 10:00 PM
In the medical field, X-rays are used for finding and diagnosing all sorts of ailments hidden inside the body; in astronomy X-rays also study obscured objects like pulsars and black holes. Now, for the first time, X-rays have been used to study another object in space that tends to be difficult to spot: an extra [...]

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2013-Jul-29, 11:26 PM
Just to be colorful, I suspect there is a chance that this is a violet (probably violent too) exoplanet. It may be the deep blue they state but the violet levels seem very high. Unfortunately, I am not savvy on geometric albedos enough to assume it is reasonably equivalent to what would be found in an actual spectrum, but if it is, the violets may greatly exceed the blues. The measurements do not extend but to the inner edge of the yellow band, so perhaps the reds would be strong contrary to expectations. If so, surprisingly, this would only change the color to purple (also close to violet) or maybe maroon. [Here (http://www.spacetelescope.org/static/archives/releases/science_papers/heic1311.pdf) is the original paper from the U.Today article of July 11th.