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Brady Yoon
2004-Nov-26, 04:53 AM
I was reading about the Giant Impact Hypothesis that created the moon on the internet and I was thinking something.

What is the minimum size of an impactor that would destroy all life on Earth immediately (not counting aftereffects like nuclear winter). Consider the impactor arriving at 30 km/s. And the giant impact if it happened today would destroy all life immediately, right?

Sorry if this question seems a little silly; I have a strange interest in asteroids and mass extinctions. :)

Brady Yoon
2004-Nov-26, 04:57 AM
And another thing I found surprising was that a giant impact hypothesis for every terrestrial planet. In Mercury, it destroyed the outer layers to give it a large core, in Venus, it slowed down the rotation, in Earth, it created the Moon, and in Mars, it stripped away the atmosphere. Is it possible that an impact was responsible for these events, or is the evidence thin?


kenneth rodman
2004-Nov-26, 07:30 AM
heres a great website that will give you all the impact answers you desire in terms of mass, velocity ect.