View Full Version : 11/8/2013 - solar observation report.

2013-Aug-11, 05:12 PM

The sun remain quiet for one more day.

Today is the day of the filaments.




The filament starts from two or more electric conductors.

These conductors are electric tornadoes and giving terrible electric currents in the area (left circle).

The electric currents giving rolling magnetic fields.

The sign where the magnetic fields connect we see the black colour of the filament.

We see the two conductor tornadoes at the left of the filament.

We see the sign were the filament take the black colour. In this area the magnetic fiels of the electric currents connect.


But in one area the black colour break.

There we have disturbed electric currents.

We see outside tornadoes with new electric power to coming into the filament and to follow the way of the inside tornadoes.

The black colour of the filament start again when the magnetic fields of the electric currenis connect again.