View Full Version : CIA’s Declassified Documents Reveals Secrets About Area 51 and UFOs

2013-Aug-16, 06:20 PM
The CIA has released a 355-page document which officially acknowledges that Area 51 in Nevada does exist, and the agency comes clean about their weather balloon cover stories. The document covers the U-2 and SR-71 spyplane programs and Project OXCART, aerial reconnaissance programs, from 1954 to 1974. Nope, no revelations about extraterrestrial spacecraft or alien […]

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2013-Aug-16, 08:01 PM
I went to see it once, took my son. We went south a couple years in a row to catch the Leonids storms (absolutely fantastic meteors BTW). So each year we combined the trip with other sight seeing. We saw Meteor Crater, the Grand Canyon, Roswell, Carlsbad Caverns, and the moving stones at the Race Track in Death Valley as well as Death Valley.

So we went to the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel NV off the ET Highway on one of the trips. It was disappointing. I was hoping we'd find a crowd of meteor storm watchers and there was only one couple that even knew about it. It's amazing how popular you think a place is because of all the programs on it. We could see a fair bit of the place from the commercial jet flyover on our way home from Las Vegas.

My son absolutely loved Roswell though. He has his picture sitting on a couch with an ET's arm around my son's shoulder. It's cute what little kids find interesting. :D

2013-Aug-18, 05:45 PM
Nice of them to acknowledge the site after decades of obvious existence. The Roswell crowd believing that captured alien spacecraft are stored there is about as silly as expecting the government to admit that it's true.

2013-Aug-19, 06:02 PM
But...But...But...what about Hitler, Elvis, and Osama Bin Laden piloting mind reading, chemtrail-spraying predator drones from there? Nothing about that??? What a letdown...:)