View Full Version : ‘Sail Rover’ Could Explore Hellish Venus

2013-Aug-22, 04:10 PM
A windsailing rover could use the high speeds and hot temperatures of Venus to a robotic explorer’s advantage, according to an idea funded by*NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts program. The rover would not only be able to move around Venus, but would also have electronics inside able to withstand the temperatures of*450 degrees Celsius (840 degrees […]

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2013-Aug-23, 01:29 PM
Question please: there's a second link at the first one that talks about a floating human colony on Venus. I've seen this discussed before in the past here back at BAUT.

How would such a floating station be maintained at the 50k optimum altitude where atmospheric pressure is one-bar and temps are between 0-C and 50-C as described? In the link the buoyancy of oxygen/nitrogen is suggested as a means of remaining aloft but is that enough for anything besides a dirigible sized "lighter than-air" craft such as a cabin suspended under a very large ballon?

How is that a more practical option than a base on the moon or even Mars? It certainly seems to be a very remote and exotic option as compared to the others.