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2004-Nov-28, 09:23 PM
This was being discussed on the Planet X forum and since it has nothing to do with Planet X, I decided to start a new thread. :)

I just spent the last half-hour watching Dr. Wayne Dyer giving his "power of intention" speech on PBS. I can't believe that PBS would stoop so low as to use this kind of "stuff" in an attempt to raise money. Wayne Dyer is nothing more than a "new age guru" preaching his brand of religion. It's about as un-scientific as you can get...and this from the station that presents NOVA! I just feel sick.

PBS should be ashamed of itselfs for airing this bunk.

N C More
2004-Nov-28, 09:51 PM
PBS should be ashamed of itselfs for airing this bunk.

That is rather disturbing, I would have thought PBS would be a tad more discriminating. For those not familiar Dr. Wayne Dyer take a look here (http://www.peoplesuccess.com/dyer.htm). It's basically the same thing as Tony Robbins and his "personal power" stuff. Seems to me that most of the "empowering" is to Dr. Dyer's bank account! Like the old saying goes, "A fool and his money are soon parted". Guys like Dyer and Robbins literally bank on that truism.

2004-Nov-28, 10:10 PM
I posted this earlier today...

I found this on Wayne Dyer's official website...

How brave Alison beat rare disease

Recovery from intestinal illness a gruelling process
Family's love, visits from celebrities kept her going
Staff Reporter...Toronto Star, June 3rd 2004.

...In the story of her healing process, however, one visitor stands out: Wayne Dyer. Rolina approached him at a talk he gave in Toronto last year and he came to see Alison in hospital.
"That was the first time I saw Alison show real emotions (since being admitted)," Rolina recalled of Dyer's first visit. "Until that time, she was just looking at all of us, blank.
"We'd talk to her. She would have a small little smile on her face but no tears would come down. After Dr. Dyer was with her, the tears were just pouring and it's almost like he cracked something within Alison. He has kept in touch ever since."
"On one visit," Dyer says by cellphone from Florida, "I just pointed to her hand, which had had an infection from an (intravenous) needle.
"I said, 'Alison, this thing is healing. There is some kind of force there that's putting a scab there on your hand. You can redirect that same healing energy to your abdomen, to your stomach, to your intestines, to your colon, to this whole area.' "She just seemed to light up."

Healing energy??? Sounds reasonable to me...not...

Last month, Dyer came to Toronto for a Learning Annex presentation. At his invitation, Alison spoke for 20 minutes about her healing process to an audience of 1,400 people.

At his invitation??? Wow, I wonder if Wayne sold any books that day?

The reason I'm repeating it here is that Wayne must really like this "story"...because during one of the pledge breaks a few minutes ago he told the same story. Now, he didn't come right out and say that he was responsible for her recovery...but he certainly insinuated it. And the PBS "host" is just "eating it up".

2004-Nov-28, 11:12 PM
There is a disturbing article in Time (http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1101041129-785349,00.html) this week as well. The authors of the article go out of there way to add credibility to the argument that the incredible sequence necessary for life to exist is so incredible there must have been an intellegent designer.

I have to ask: If it is so difficult to make all the parameters work, why didn't the designer make it easier? And If the designer can't changes the rules, why not at least plug a half dozen inhabitable planets in each solar system?...And If the designer can't change anything? Then how did the designer do anything in the first place?

2004-Nov-29, 05:07 AM
Our PBS outlets frequently feature Dyer, and his even worse counterpart, Gary Null (promotes "oxygen-rich foods" as a cancer cure).

I have emailed them twice about such quackery, with no response. I have now informed them that, after 30 years of support, they will not get penny-one from my family as long as the persist in promoting charlatanism and quackery.

Celestial Mechanic
2004-Nov-29, 05:09 AM
What can we say about a network that makes most of its pledge money from Lawrence Welk and Tennessee Ernie Ford reruns? That's why I call Saturday night on PBS "The Night of the Dead"!

SciFi Chick
2004-Nov-29, 02:34 PM
Of course you do realize that PBS stands for Public Broadcasting Station, not Science, so you have to figure that this is reflective of their audience. Unfortunate, but you can't really blame them if that's what's getting the contributions...

2004-Nov-29, 04:07 PM
Last Saturday night, around midnight, they featured outstanding Chris Isaak and Norah Jones concerts... =D>

2004-Nov-29, 10:49 PM
...in addition, Bill Moyers, on his February 7, 2003 NOW (http://www.pbs.org/now/politics/lewis.html) show, presented what may become the most important story of his career. googling "Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003", also known as the Patriot Act II, will bring up an amusing array of references, many of which refer to back to Moyers' early alert.
I did watch one of Dyer's presentations long enough to hear his orange juice analogy---which pretty much summarized his "message"---and have found no reason to hear any more from him---too close to Dr. Phil! :evil: