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2013-Aug-26, 07:17 PM
Photos form our Vacation to the Newberry/Sisters area.

Day 1 (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.696585597023076.1073741834.100000149252766&type=1&l=a3bbfa8094)

End of first day, killer sunset over the Sisters.
Day 2 (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.697299076951728.1073741835.100000149252766&type=1&l=ea992f45bf)

2013-Aug-26, 08:19 PM

2013-Aug-26, 08:45 PM
Nice. I love the pieces of obsidian. Some of the cinder fields remind of me of similar fields I've seen in Hawaii.

Do the dogs like volcanos?

2013-Aug-26, 10:34 PM
Kudo loves them, especially chasing the chipmunks, though I couldn't take him far into the cinder area's. Didn't want his paws sliced up.

I did see two forest frog's, but they moved too fast to get pictures. They are an inch long, brown, with grey and black striping. They blended in well in the obsidian flow where I spotted them.

2013-Aug-26, 11:29 PM
That looks so awesome, I'd love to visit that area of the country at some point. The landscapes and geology look just amazing.

2013-Aug-28, 01:17 AM
I don't want to hijack your thread, but it would be interesting to compare everyone's lists of volcano related vacation spots we have visited. For me:

- Hawaii (Big Island & Volcano National Park) - three times
- other islands of Hawaii
- Yellowstone
- Mount St. Helens (twice)
- Olympic National Park
- Arenal Volcano (Costa Rica)

2013-Aug-28, 01:35 AM
Mount St. Helens
Crater Lake
various similar volcano-themed places further north in Oregon
Mount Rainier (which I can actually see from down the street on a clear day)
the Olympics (for those, I have to go to the top of Tumwater Hill; on a good day, you can see both the Cascades and the Olympics from there)

2013-Aug-29, 07:08 PM
Doesn't seem like a Hijack at all.

My List:

Yellowstone Caldera
Craters of the Moon
Steens Mountains/Hells Canyon/other CRBG areas around John Day
Silver Creek Falls (Cuts through Lava deposited from fallon plate subduction before it broke off into it's current two peices)
Mt. St Helen's
Crater Lake
Mt. Hood
Three Sisters, Broken Top & Mt. Bachelor
Newberry Caldera and Cinder Cones
Mt. McLoghlin
Tom Sawyer Caverns (Lava tubes, Mt. Jefferson/Mt Washington region)
Clear Lake (built by a lava flow from Belknap Shield volcano's formation about 2890 years ago, Mt. Washington's younger sister)

2013-Aug-29, 08:04 PM
I've been to Pompeii and I saw Vesuvius from there, but I think that's it. I just haven't traveled to a lot of areas with volcanoes. (Pompeii was incredible, though, especially as an archaeology major.)

2013-Aug-30, 03:03 PM
The second half of our trip from the Seattle area to Boise and back a year ago turned into a "volcation" unintentionally. We just kept seeing awesome volcanic stuff and wound up making it a theme, visiting Newbury, Crater Lake, and Mt. St. Helens as well as seeing a good many others from a distance. The John Day fossil beds have some awesome (and very colorfull) volcanic tuff. Of course, the whole trip across central Washington is basically lava flows.

In the past, also been to:
Big Island of Hawaii
Yellowstone (many times)
Mt. Rainier
Mt. Baker
Mt. Hood
Craters of the Moon
and Mt. Tabor Park in Portland, the only place I know with a little volcano in a city park.

2013-Nov-20, 09:00 PM
By the way, the massive erruption of Yellowstone is scheduled for the end of May/early June 2014, as that is when I will next be visiting Yellowstone. :D

2013-Nov-20, 09:12 PM
By the way, the massive erruption of Yellowstone is scheduled for the end of May/early June 2014, as that is when I will next be visiting Yellowstone. :D

Hopefully it won't be TOO massive. :shifty:

Have seen Old Faithful twice; age 5 and age 12. Quite a sight!

2013-Nov-20, 10:31 PM
Yellowstone Caldera
Craters of the Moon
Mount St. Helens
Crater Lake
Clear lake
Lake Mono
San Francisco volcanic field (AZ)
Valley of Fires (NM)
Capulin National Monument (NM), Rio Grande Rift
Shiprock (NM)
Gooseberry Falls (MN), Mid-Continent rift, but with basalt at a billion years old, that's pushing things.

-Likely missed a few.

2013-Dec-26, 07:48 PM
We only have 9 in the UK (extinct)

Arthur's Seat: Edinburgh
Borrowdale Volcanics: Cumbria (Lake District)
Cheviot Hills: Northumberland
Castle rock: Edinburgh Castle
Snowdonia: North Wales

Sorry for bumping this thread. :D