View Full Version : Trying Out a New Commenting System

2013-Sep-12, 08:10 PM
Hi everyone, I’m just performing a little experiment with Universe Today. We were previously using Disqus for comments on Universe Today, but I got a lot of concerns from readers. So, I’m trying out a new system called Comments Evolved. This integrates comments from Google+, Facebook, Disqus and even WordPress if we want. I’m just […]

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2013-Sep-13, 06:07 PM
I’m just enabling the Google+ version, because… everyone’s got a Google account.
If you want, I can enable the Facebook, Disqus and WordPress versions as well once I know this is working.

I have none of those. A lot of good it does those of us who tend to keep a lower web profile by not engaging in social networking.

(pipe dreaming) I don't suppose there's a way to link CosmoQuest into that, is there?:think: