View Full Version : Curiosity Rolls into Intriguing ‘Darwin’ at ‘Waypoint 1? on Long Trek to Mount Sharp

2013-Sep-15, 03:20 AM
NASA’s Curiosity rover has just rolled into an intriguing site called ‘Darwin’ at ‘Waypoint 1’ – having quickly picked up the driving pace since embarking at last on her epic trek to mysterious Mount Sharp more than two months ago. Did life giving water once flow here? Because the long journey to Mount Sharp – […]

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2013-Sep-15, 05:06 AM
Where are the Cumberland SAM results?

Last report from UT, was that the samples were stored following drilling, and were being processed by SAM along the route to Sharp .. (That was about 2.5 weeks ago) ..

So, where are they? What's going on? Why is it taking such an extremely long time?

Is it because of the MTBSTFA contamination issue? Why aren't UT reporters harassing Grotzinger for answers? There's a story behind all this, yet all we keep getting is this boring stuff!

Whatever happened to real investigative reporting?

2013-Sep-15, 01:53 PM
While you might receive responses from others, Fraser will not be responding to any of this, as this is a re-direct from his blog, and he really isn't posting here.

Yeah, I know....what's the point of a re-direct if he's not going to respond to anything posted???

2013-Sep-15, 10:31 PM
Well it may well be another one of "nature's mysteries", there RAF! ;) .. being perpetuated by some 'monkey' or 'drone' who stole Cain's CQ login(?)

Last time I voiced opinions here (on August 5), (http://cosmoquest.org/forum/showthread.php?145562-MSL-%93SAM%94-Instrument-Sings-Happy-Birthday-to-Curiosity-Rover&p=2149293#post2149293) 'Ken Kremer', reported subsequently (on August 21) (http://www.universetoday.com/104012/curiosity-conducts-science-on-the-go-and-zooms-to-stunning-mount-sharp/):

In fact the car sized rover has saved samples from both the ‘John Klein’ and ‘Cumberland’ drill sites collected previously in the ‘Yellowknife Bay’ area for analysis by the miniaturized labs in the rovers belly -when the time is right.“Curiosity has stored a Cumberland sample and still has a John Klein sample on board for future use,” Erickson explained.
And that time has now arrived!Now, it may well have exactly 'zip' to do with my lobbying, but there are other web campaigns to find out what the SAM Cumberland results were. There are even hints of new conspiracies arising about why we haven't heard. :eek:

We don't know whether there's a reason for this bizarre log appearing here at CQ, or whether its just "another one of nature's mysteries" (brought to us by the sci-fi catalysts at UT) ..