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2013-Sep-17, 09:32 PM
Following some comments from other people I decide to shoot some Ha data on this subject to combine with the LRGB data already obtained to help show up the star forming regions better within the galaxy. I shot 24x10 minutes of Ha to go with the 26x10 minutes Luminance, 12x10 minutes Red, 11x10 minutes Blue and 8x10 minutes Green. I blended the Ha with the Red channel before colour combining. This took a few attempts to get the balance as I wanted it but I eventually got to the results that I was looking for. The overall colour balance appears different to the LRGB image, this may be due to the Ha mix, I am unsure whether this is the case as this is the first time I have attempted this properly. The data was taken with the Tele Vue NP127/FLI(Atlas-Centreline-PL16803) which I am testing at the moment on a Paramount ME with an Officine Stellare Falco guidescope and SX Lodestar using dithering. There is a bit of differential flexure between my imaging scope and guide scope (probably due to the way things are set up)
Here is a link to the full size image
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2013-Sep-20, 09:04 AM
stellar jewelry, very beautiful! Nice work, Paramount!