View Full Version : image help re boulders

2013-Sep-20, 12:52 AM
if there is one object that looks like maybe a boulder, do you want that marked 'boulder field' or should we just ignore it. i'm not attaching a picture because i'm not sure how to do that in a forum.

2013-Sep-20, 06:01 PM
me again. i'm going to try to post a picture of what i'm talking about. if this works, about 2 o'clock sort of between the middle and edge, there is what looks like something sticking out of the ground. if it is a boulder, it's only one - not many. would one mark this as a "boulder field"?

No - i can't figure out how to do it. could someone tell me how to do it?

2013-Sep-20, 06:04 PM
me again. this is the number of the image: M162284113RE_0_302

2014-Jan-22, 02:11 PM
I'm not sure what help you're looking for, but looking for boulders is fun and easy. Craters will be lit on the side opposite of the light source. Boulders will be illuminated on the side FACING the light source.