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2002-Jun-15, 04:21 AM
Okay, here's my first submission. I think that I've avoided spoilers.


Of course, we have sounds in space. Lots of sounds.

There is a rotating starmap shown at one point. The scale appears to be way off (sparsely populated by stars, some of which have very wide and dense asteroid belts, and there is one thing which looks like a puny spiral galaxy, all in close proximity).

Many places have gravity (people sticking to floor) when it seems quite unnecessary (even though there are gravity generators). It's almost at a point where AIR = GRAVITY. This probably happens a lot in other films.

One point in the plot involves visiting some sort of dense rotating system of very large ice crystals. They keep colliding with each other so often that they should already be well pulverized.

At the end of the movie, an earth-sized planet is formed from the system which has the ice crystals. It appears to have formed in less than a year!


When they are forced to jump into the vacuum of space, Corso tells Kayle to exhale, and they don't suffer *any* ill effects other than colliding with their destination. Watch how the gravity turns off only in the vacuum though.

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2002-Aug-26, 05:12 PM
yeah, i've always wondered just WHAT the planet (bob, i think it was called) has been formed of... i mean the ship was not that big, we could see it starting from an underground base at the beginning of the movie - and where the heck did the sun come from, suddenly?
All right, if we are in an asteroid field there must be a sun somewhere too, probably - and maybe the (ridiculously close) asteroids have been used somewhat in the building of the planet, but still... ???

other than that, i actually liked the effects. all right, there were your basic b-scifi-movie blunders, but we've all grown to them, don't we? not that i'd actually miss them, still...


David Hall
2002-Aug-26, 05:38 PM
Whaddayaknow. I just rented and watched this movie just last week. I recall noticing the same things you mentioned, but I didn't really watch it for the BA. I did like the "exhale" line.

I would suppose the Titan machine not only gathered matter, but also transmuted it at need. My guess is as long as it had a decent amount of mass to work with, it could build a planet out of anything. In this respect, it's no different from the Genesis device in Star Trek II.

Now the ice field was the worst, as there seems to be no scientific justification for it. My only guess would be some really special conditions allowing giant ice crystals to form. As to why they aren't all pulverized, well maybe there's some mechanism also forming new ice crystals to replace the ones that are crushed.

Two other bad settings are the cracked moon (good effect but an object that size would melt before it cracked, and would reform into a sphere) and the nebula cloud they flew through with all the gas columns. First of all a nebula is not dense enough to be seen as "clouds" from within. And I can't think of any mechanism that would create layers like that.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I'd heard only so-so reviews of it but I found it very enjoyable to watch.

2002-Sep-02, 06:13 PM
Come on guys... It's simple. The ship didn't have to be that big, I mean they took an itty-bitty torpedo and turned a nebula into a star and a rather unstable M-Class planet in Star Trek 2.

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