View Full Version : Well so much for my being the *Owner* of a Yahoo Group.

2013-Sep-27, 07:24 PM
A woman named Lari has wanted to join this invitation-only group for a couple of years.

She's nothing but trouble and I don't want to deal with her.

I made the group on an invitation-basis only (my Moderator or I must approve as well) only because I don't wish to have a large group.

Lari wrote two days ago (e-mail; my address is plugged into a group she's at), saying she wants to join. She's done that before.

I ignored her.

Just now got notice "she's joined."

She's there. :mad:

Guess my Moderator got tired of her pestering, and approved it. :mad: My Moderator has befriended this woman at her group (her business), years ago.

Well that's great!

/end rant

2013-Sep-27, 07:49 PM
kick her out, as well as the moderator that let her in.

2013-Sep-27, 08:12 PM
kick her out, as well as the moderator that let her in.

I have.

Keeping the Moderator (Alondra) for now, though. She's been a good online friend for years. If Alondra is tired of Lari's pestering, it's her problem.

If it happens again, Alondra's demoted.

Lari is anti-gay (I'm straight, with gay friends), gets snotty with people, asks petty questions, is disruptive, obsessive. I'm surprised she'd "try me" by over-riding my decision not to have her.

Not dealing with her.

I'm expecting a barrage of WHY?? e-mails, and have yet to figure out how to block e-mail addresses with Yahoo's latest upgrade. :rolleyes: Currently working, so will deal with that later. :(

2013-Sep-30, 05:27 AM
just throw any emails from people you don't want to see into the spam folder... you can empty that folder out without even opening it..