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2004-Dec-01, 08:51 PM
Having watched Red Dwarf IV through many times and then going back to watch Red Dwarf I and with Red Dwarf VII in mind, I have observed how the characters have changed over the years.

He has become much more authoritative over the years. He started out quite innocent and almost a bit thick, but has grown to be much more intelligent, thoughtful and confident.

He has definitely mellowed. From his behaviour in series I, it is no surprise that he would not have any friends, but in later series, he may still be a bit weasely and arrogant, but he isn't nearly as dislikeable. If it weren't for the precedent set in the beginning, the Rimmer of later series would have been much more liked.

His vanity is as high as ever, but he has become less cat-like. He doesn't play with string anymore. He has always grown more sociable. He didn't really care much for anyone else in series I but has become more of a team player in later series. I think he's also become a bit thicker.

He started as guilt-ridden and constantly subservient, but in later series he became tetchier.

2004-Dec-01, 11:34 PM
Alright a Red Dwarf discussion!!!

I definately agree about The Cat and Lister. I miss The Cat's old antics!

I think Rimmer may be as unlikable as ever, if not more so! I have to say that without Rimmer that show got nothing. I was so dissapointed when he left in episode 702 (Stoke Me a Clipper) The rest of that season sucked! but luckily they brought him back in season 8.

Kryten... I hated him in the first episide he was in, he looked like a transvestite hooker or something... but when they brought him back, he seemed much better

I think my favorite episode would probably be 506 (Back to Reality), cant forget about Dwaine Dibley! Altho my favorite season would probably be 1 or 2

I heard they are making a movie... think they are starting in January 2005, I cant freaking wait! I really hope my expectations arent more then they'll deliver tho!

captain swoop
2004-Dec-02, 10:56 AM
First two series were the best, as it went on it got more concerned with plot and less with character. I lost interest when they lost Red Dwarf and started to recycle plots and characters/aliens from previous episodes.

In fact the last two series on the 'New' red Dwarf were almost unwatchable, it turned into a strange 'slapstick' almost sketch format.

2004-Dec-02, 03:02 PM
I think most of the changes were necessary - you can't expect the Cat to stay that catlike, or the rest of the characters to stay as annoying.

I think the show peaked not too long after Kryten came in but definitely went downhill toward the more recent seasons, when they lost one of the writers and came back to the populated Red Dwarf.

2004-Dec-02, 03:11 PM
I think the Hilly - Holly sex change (http://www.thereddwarfzone.co.uk/holly.htm) was classic. I also miss the popup toasters and skutters.

2004-Dec-02, 05:28 PM
I think the episode "Confidence & Paranoia" Scene 8 (IIRC) is my favourite for one scene which makes the whole episode.

RIMMER: (Running into the room) Quick! Lister's fainted! He needs help!

The CAT jumps up as if to follow, prompting RIMMER to run back out, at
which point the CAT sits back down again.

RIMMER: (Runs back in) Didn't you hear me? Didn't anyone hear me?
Lister's in trouble. The monkey, oo oo oo, has fainted. I can not
pick him up. Quick! Come on! Now!

The CAT jumps up again, RIMMER runs back out, and the CAT sits back down.

RIMMER: (Walks back in.) Is there something wrong with you? Lister's
CAT: Yeah?
RIMMER: What do you mean "yeah?" He needs help!
CAT: And?
RIMMER: And if you don't help him he might die.
CAT: Aw, no. That's too bad. I really liked him, too.
RIMMER: So, come and help him.
CAT: What? And interrupt my lunch?!
RIMMER: What is more important: a man's life or your smegging lunch?
CAT: That doesn't even deserve an answer.
RIMMER: Right. Okay. Fine. (Pointing to the scutters) You come with
me. You get a stretcher.

The CAT juggles his dinner rolls, sticks one in his mouth and holds the
other two over his eyes