View Full Version : Moon Mappers results so far

2013-Oct-11, 03:53 AM
Hey, everyone! I've been updating some information on the Moon Mappers pages. The FAQ and Science sections are pretty much the same, and the Tutorials were last updated with the last major site upgrade in June. We have some changes still to make to improve the videos to implement and we'll roll out a new version soon, hopefully next week actually. If you all have feedback on the tutorials, please send those along to me while I work through improvements.

In particular, I wanted to highlight updates to the "Publications" page: http://cosmoquest.org/Moon_Mappers:_Publications. I've read the working version of the big paper that is still undergoing the journal review process, and I can't wait to share that! Stuart, Irene, et al. have been working very hard on that. In the meantime, I've listed the talks and poster presentations given by the scientists along the way, linking to the abstracts when possible and the lovely blog posts written by the scientists explaining the poster or talk. In one case, we have a recording of a talk, though it may be unavailable during the furlough b/c it's a NASA site.