View Full Version : Public Outreaches October 10th -15th

2013-Oct-21, 12:45 AM
We were busy.

October 10th - Cary, Illinois Public Library - 500 in attendance.
October 11th - Arlington Heights, Illinois Library - 250
October 12th - Woodstock, Illinois -Pleasant Valley Conservation Area - 50
October 15th - Des Plaines, Illinois - Algonquin Middle School - 150
Our last public outreach will be November 2, - DeKalb, Illinois - Afton Woods - clear nights there bring over 100, including some scientists from Fermilab.

For the whole year we will have had close to 2000 people from the public we reached - not a whole lot but enough. We do private observing sessions all weekends minus the Full Moon weekends, including those public nights. Many imagers won't show up for publics since their equipment is too expensive and becomes too vulnerable to being damaged.