View Full Version : MAVEN and MOM Missions from NASA and India Plan Martian Science Collaboration in Orbi

2013-Oct-29, 02:20 AM
After years of hard work by dedicated science and engineering teams, a new pair of Mars orbiter science missions from Earth are in the final stages of prelaunch processing and are nearly set to blast off for the Red Planet in November. If all goes well, NASA’s MAVEN orbiter and India’s MOM (Mar Orbiter Mission) […]

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2014-Aug-28, 09:46 AM
MAVEN has come a long way from when this thread was created. Now with less then 4 weeks to go before the critical engine burn for insertion into Mars orbit.


On September 22 around 2 UTC, MAVEN will be making a northern approach before igniting its main propulsion system consisting of six MR-107N monopropellant thrusters. While the engines are firing, the six 22-Newton MR-106E engines are used for attitude control, keeping the vehicle in a retrograde orientation to insert itself into an initial Capture Orbit.

MAVEN’s MOI Burn changes the vehicle’s velocity by about 1,233 meters per second. The mission is targeting an initial orbit with a duration of 35 hours, an inclination of 75 degrees and a periapsis altitude of 380 Kilometers.

As of 20:00 UTC on August 27, 2014 MAVEN was 196.3 Million Kilometers from Earth traveling at a relative velocity of 96,720 Kilometers per hour. The one-way light-time to the spacecraft was 10 minutes and 55 seconds. The spacecraft was 6.9 Million Kilometers from Mars moving at a relative speed of 11,130 Kilometers per hour. MAVEN’s heliocentric velocity was 79,970 Kilometers per hour at a distance to the sun of about 215.3 Million Kilometers.