View Full Version : Teacher Focus Group for CosmoQuest's new "In-VESTA-gate" classroom unit November 11

2013-Oct-30, 08:46 PM
This is from the team:

If you're available Veterans Day (and in the St. Louis/Southern Illinois area), we'd love to have you participate in a focus group/workshop for CosmoQuest's latest classroom unit "In-VESTA-gate." Centered around the online citizen science project "Asteroid Mappers: Vesta Edition," this inquiry-based 13-day unit takes students through the formation of small rocky bodies in the early solar system. Learn how scientists are making new discoveries about the asteroid Vesta and how your students can get involved by helping to map its surface using data from NASA's Dawn Mission! Experienced educators will guide you through the classroom unit and Asteroid Mappers. The unit is targeted to middle school, but would work well with many high school classes.

Workshop time and location: November 11, 8:30 am - 2 pm; Edwardsville, IL area

If you're interested, contact the Education Team or respond to this thread.

2013-Oct-31, 04:53 PM
Thanks for posting! I should add that if you're NOT local to us but want to try it out anyway, do email us. We'd love feedback from all sources.

Sort of related: we're also looking for high school astronomy teachers (I know there are a few!) who want to review our "Cosmic Castaways" lesson, which is a one or two day activity around the Creative Commons planetarium show we helped with. Bonus: you get to crash together galaxies... in simulation at least.


Email the Education Team: educate [at] cosmoquest.org