View Full Version : Should I go to see The Tragically Hip Sunday night?

2004-Dec-03, 11:36 AM
seen them seven times already...haven't been to one of their concerts in about 8 or so years...they're at the Metro Center....don't want to feel like an old fogey with all of the young 'uns around....Help!!!

2004-Dec-03, 10:54 PM
If they're anything like Split Enz/Crowded House/Neil and Tim Finn fans, the audience are growing older along with the band. My partner first saw Split Enz in New Zealand in the 70s, I saw Crowded House first in 1992 in the UK and this year, 2004, my partner, my daughter and I saw Neil and Tim Finn in Regents Park in London.

(As they're not that widely known, Split Enz and then Crowded House are the two bands that brothers Tim and Neil Finn from New Zealand were in. This summer (UK summer) they released a Finn Brothers album, just the two of them.)

Isn't this true for many long lasting bands? I only mentioned Split Enz/Crowded House/Finns because I know them best. I heard a radio programme about Fairport Convention and Cropredy, where the same group and fans go back to the same place every year. They even had one fan's (Colin's) ashes on stage at one point: http://www.schrodingers-cat.com/reviewmarkmcccl.htm]The (http://www.schrodingers-cat.com/master.html?[url) wierdest Cropredy of them all[/url] :o

So I wouldn't worry about being the only 'old fogey' there!

Just remembered - when I was going to classical concerts some years ago, I was among the younger people there, but that wasn't going to stop me going. These days there seem to be a mix of ages (unless its a boy band?) in audiences.