View Full Version : Horsehead and Flame Nebulae from ASIGN Observatory II

2013-Nov-05, 08:06 AM
Three hundred and twenty minutes of photon capture to produce this image of the Horse head and Flame nebulae.

At 1500 Light years away, the dark Horse head shape is made of thick cloud of dust, silhouetted against the bright emissions of the hydrogen gas behind it.


Sometimes the upload algorithms turn this image an over saturated magenta. It should be a lighter pink. If you are having this problem, the image is also on my website so you can see it as it should be here. (http://www.asignobservatoryii.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=186332271)

2013-Nov-05, 08:20 AM
Stunning! Nice to see the beauty coming from the dome.

2013-Nov-05, 10:45 PM
Love it, my favourite nebula. Jaicoa posted a black and white version on Facebook last week. Simply beautiful indeed. Thank you for sharing this bloodhound31.

Clear skies

2013-Nov-05, 11:29 PM
It is my privilege to share the heavens with you all. It is personally thrilling to me to be able to share the sights that the vast majority of the world are unable to view under normal circumstances.

Bless you!


2013-Nov-15, 04:25 PM