View Full Version : India’s First Mars Mission Launches Flawlessly on Historic Journey to the Red PLanet

2013-Nov-05, 12:10 PM
India flawlessly launched its first ever mission to Mars today (Nov. 5) to begin a history making ten month long interplanetary voyage to the Red Planet aimed at studying the Martian atmosphere after achieving orbit. The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) thundered to space atop the nations four stage Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) precisely on […]

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2013-Nov-05, 03:59 PM
I have been pondering a successful mission to Mars. Simply, I can not envision this, any other way. A central "mother ship from Earth) with power generators/ Solar, Nuclear , Central control station and a specific amount of water (fresh) tanks. Once a Center ship has safely, arrived, several 7-8 additional ships would be placed (given approx.) around the Central ship. These smaller ships would include 2-3 bio-dome ships, 2 Fresh water supply and resources/food etc ships and personal quarters etc... It is extrememly important to have each (add-on ship) with emergency atmospheric measures. Once the 9 ships are in place, the ships would (some of them) would be connected and the bio-dome (growing areas) would have a sealed (heavily) transparent top surface, "to allow light/Heat in" for the generation of food/plants/O2 etc. Un-manned computer controls could release a "specific amount" of green-house produced "O2" , routed to "which -ever" ship, section would require more O2. Unless, water could be "tapped" from "a few feet below the martian surface", it seems that regular mission drop"s of H2O supply tanks would already be set in place. :Once your there, your there". Birds + Bats produce required amounts of soil Nitrate nutrients, humans / animals (Cats?) would produce, required Urea, Phosphorus and Ammonia based nutrients. With a large areas to support this heavily coordinated cycle of events, I can only imagine- "any manned mission to Mars would require establishing a permanent mars facility". This will require intense effort of the Scientific, Agricultural and engineering professionals and "funding companies/Govt/ Corp. etc) of planet Earth and from many diverse countries. Interval shipments of h2o and "possibly" an entire shipment of repair/ construction materials would be required (this would include materials to re-enforce areas, repair damaged or defective sections. This system must first be tested on earth. The external ships must "almost perfectly" be able to de-tract and re-tract to the Central ship. Once in place, external ships must be able to maneuver on the soil to make way for future supply (chamber/ship) connections. If enough people , the right people are brought together and the funding is adequate, I can only imagine that something like a mission such as this would only lead to "potentially' larger section attachments to the Facility/station.

It is just a matter of time and priority.
Nothing in life is easy, something as important as this would require "back up's of Back up's".
Eventually Mankind will have a permanent research facility/station on planet Mars.