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2013-Nov-18, 03:46 PM
May as well mark it. It was a dark autumm evening
in the UK. Our family was all tucked into our
dining room with the furniture from the living
room which was being decorated. The double doors
were open to see the television placed where the
aerial lead was. We had just had supper and Mum
and Dad were tidying up in the kitchen. Mum came
in and said President Kennedy has been shot and
stood watching the television for its announcement.
I went into the kitchen where Dad was at the sink
leaning sideways to catch the words from the radio.
The television shows were duly interupted and the
evening made quieter. Dad said something about a
good man lost. I piped up that was not what he said
a year previous. What Jack? he replied.
Now all has been said really. The latest thing
is he was finished off by an accident with the
gun of the secret service. Heard everything now!
But this one is growing on me. it all fits. And
it would be fifty years before it would be
admitted. Are we the puppets of dark angels?
This explains everthing!

2013-Nov-18, 06:03 PM
And it would be fifty years before it would be admitted.

It would be 50 years before what would be admitted??

2013-Nov-18, 06:47 PM
We can mark the occasion and reminisce about 'where were you when you heard the news' but JFK conspiracy theories are outside the scope of this forum. Please steer well clear of them.

2013-Nov-18, 08:30 PM
I was at Kennedy Elementary school (third grade) when the news broke and we were sent home early. (The school was named for a local person in our community and not the president.) I don't recall much of the fuss since my parents were about two weeks away from moving to Fort Lauderdale from Kentucky and that occupied a lot of our time.

I vaguely recall seeing Jack Ruby shoot Oswald on TV. Or I might have seen rebroadcasts on the evening news that Sunday night, not sure. Probably the latter since we would have just been coming back from lunch after church and we might not have been in front of a TV.

Wind the tape forward 17 years and November 22 becomes the wedding anniversary of Mrs. Schlaugh and myself...

2013-Nov-18, 08:34 PM
I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade...was in class when it was announced...I remember the teachers crying...

2013-Nov-18, 09:04 PM
That reminiscence makes me choke a bit RAF.
It was all so far away for us. The show this
week with the latest "explanation" will be
available on the net I presume.

2013-Nov-18, 09:17 PM
My father was 7 years old at the time, but when we visited the Kennedy Presidential Library here in Boston two years ago, he got very quiet when we reached those displays.

2013-Nov-18, 10:14 PM
I was in high school. I had lunch in the middle of two half-periods of study hall, and heard the rumor on the way to lunch. The study hall "teacher" (that was all he did) gave us the official word when we got back. I had seen him in person just a few weeks earlier, and was on the stage with him (in the high school band) for this speech (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfvnQNXzaHw).

2013-Nov-18, 10:15 PM
I was just shy of 5 years old. I barely remember any of it. The thing I recall the most was watching the funeral on TV.

2013-Nov-18, 10:50 PM
I was at an 18th B party (UK) when it was announced, amongst the rather stunned silence the girl whose birthday it was, said "who is Kennedy?" I remember that with some disbelief even today.

2013-Nov-18, 10:51 PM
Before my time, but I've seen the famous Walter Cronkite clip (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2K8Q3cqGs7I) that ends in the newsman choking up when the death is confirmed.

Nowhere Man
2013-Nov-19, 12:20 AM
I was pushing 3 and blissfully unaware of anything beyond my pile of toys (or maybe it was the cupboard full of pots and pans).


2013-Nov-19, 12:27 AM
My mom recalls it because it was the day before my aunt's (her sister's) wedding. Mom was washing the dishes when the news came on.

2013-Nov-19, 04:55 AM
I don't remember at all. I was in that weird state where whether I was alive or not would depend on definitions in places like Roe v. Wade.

Van Rijn
2013-Nov-19, 10:36 AM
I also was too young to care. However, I do remember when Robert F. Kennedy was shot (June in 1968). I remember we were visiting my grandparents house, and we ended up having the TV on much of the day with that story running. I was too young to know much about him, but it wasn't a happy day. I remember my grandparents and parents comparing it to JFK and discussing various things that reminded them of it. So when the JFK assassination is mentioned, this is what I think of.

2013-Nov-19, 02:54 PM
I wasn't around then, a twinkle in my parents eyes I guess.

2013-Nov-19, 04:30 PM
I was 5 and don't remember it at all. My wife was slightly younger and only remembers that she was annoyed she couldn't watch any of her Saturday morning cartoons.

2013-Nov-19, 08:23 PM
First grade. Someone from the school office came in and passed the news to the teacher. Beyond that, I can't really say what else I remember from the time and what has been filled in from many repetitions of the news coverage. I do remember some years later in discussion with a high-school friend, when we decided that this was the event that really ushered in the 60s as a cultural era in the USA.

2013-Nov-19, 09:47 PM
I was in 7th grade. The teacher wheeled a TV into the classroom so that we could learn what was happening.

2013-Nov-19, 11:24 PM
I was getting a physical to hire into Pontiac Motors and I remember one of the staff members coming in describing his condition, I had no idea what they were taking about. Then a couple of minutes later someone else came in and said he was dead. I still had no idea what they were talking about. Then the doctor turned to me and said President Kennedy had been shot and died.

I remember walking home afterwards, it was raining and I don’t remember seeing any cars on the road. It was eerie and sad.

2013-Nov-20, 01:21 AM
My local school district, to its everlasting shame, refused to cancel classes the day of the funeral. Attendance was sparse, at best, but my parents made me go.

The decision not to close schools may or may not have been political. They didn't close for pretty much anything, including the severest of weather.