View Full Version : Ced214, Sh2-157 and IC405/410 in HST palette

2013-Nov-18, 06:36 PM
I have had a few opportunities to get some imaging done over the last month and have captured three images all in the HST palette. The first is of Ced214/NGC7822, the second is of Sh2-157 and neighbours and the third is of IC405/410. All were taken with the Televue NP127is/FLI Atlas-CentreLine-PL16803 prototype system that I am testing on a Paramount ME with an Officine Stellare Falco/lodestar guiding combination. Exposure times varied between 10 and 14 hours per image.
The full size versions can be seen at the following links
Ced214/NGC7822 http://m5.i.pbase.com/o9/29/869929/1/152047405.jTJpvknY.Ced214HSTfinal.jpg
Sh2-157 http://m0.i.pbase.com/o9/29/869929/1/153152500.KDR3RG24.Sh2157HSTfinal.jpg
IC405/410 http://m7.i.pbase.com/o9/29/869929/1/153363457.eVrtVYgG.IC405HSTmax.jpg
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