View Full Version : Say Goodbye to Comet ISON (for now): Timelapse and Image Gallery

2013-Nov-23, 04:50 PM
Comet ISON is heading towards its inexorable close pass of the Sun, which will occur on November 28, 2013. And while we’ve been enjoying great views from astrophotographers, that luxury is probably over as of today, as the comet is just getting to close to the Sun — and its blinding glare — for us […]

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2013-Nov-23, 09:35 PM
If ISON is to become a day time comet I assume that this will occur on TG Day (11/28) +/- 48 hours? This of course also assumes that ISON survives it's trip around the sun and that it's made of the right stuff (for it's size). When it was first discovered I was hoping that it would be in the 15 km diameter range, but a large moist rock can be easily upstaged by a small dusty ice cube....tic...tic...tic....

2013-Nov-29, 04:40 AM
It looks like it may be goodbye for good?....hopefully I'm just being impatient?
Fraser, please post a "It's Good to See You on the Flip Side" thread tomorrow!