View Full Version : Elon Musk Briefs Universe Today & Media ahead of Revolutionary Falcon 9 Blastoff

2013-Nov-25, 05:00 PM
CAPE CANAVERAL, FL – A new space era potentially dawns today, Nov. 25, with the planned maiden launch of the next generation SpaceX Falcon 9 commercial rocket from Cape Canaveral, FL, that could completely revolutionize how we access the high frontier and “rock the space industry to its core” by cutting cost and production times […]

More... (http://www.universetoday.com/106708/elon-musk-briefs-universe-today-media-ahead-of-revolutionary-falcon-9-blastoff/)

2013-Nov-25, 05:48 PM
The next generation Falcon 9 is a monster. It measures 224 feet tall and is 12 feet in diameter. That compares to 13 stories for the original Falcon 9.

Why mix measurements and not just say the old one is 180 feet tall?

"Stories" is a vague measurement that most people think 10 feet.

2013-Nov-25, 06:16 PM
Grumble. I would be much happier with an announcement of 'cutting edge technology' rather than 'cost cutting to the core'. The easiest way to cut costs is to eliminate R&D.