View Full Version : This Time-Lapse ISS Video Isnít Just Another Time-Lapse ISS Video

2013-Dec-03, 10:20 PM
It’s actually remarkably beautiful, and well worth two minutes of your time.* Assembled from actual photographs taken by astronauts aboard the Space Station, many of them by Don Pettit during Expedition 31 (Don took a lot of photos) this timelapse “The World Outside My Window” by David Peterson ramps up the artistic value by featuring […]

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2013-Dec-04, 02:42 PM
But there's no sound in space!

Actually, while obviously needed to make the night bits work, I think timelapse is unnecessary for the day shots. Making it all sped up makes it feel unnatural and a bit fake (of course not implying anything CT-ish). Watching some of the NASA TV feeds from the space station where the orbit is shown in real time with real motion makes it look more awesome.