View Full Version : China’s Maiden Lunar Rover ‘Yutu’ Rolls 6 Wheels onto the Moon – Photo and Video Gall

2013-Dec-15, 04:00 AM
China’s first ever lunar rover rolled majestically onto the Moon’s soil on Sunday, Dec. 15, barely seven hours after the Chang’e-3 mothership touched down atop the lava filled plains of the Bay of Rainbows. Check out the gallery of stunning photo and videos herein from China’s newest space spectacular. The six wheeled ‘Yutu’, or Jade […]

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Launch window
2013-Dec-15, 03:00 PM
I hear they also got pics of Toutatis

2013-Dec-15, 04:47 PM
I hear they also got pics of ToutatisI thought that was Chang'e 2 that did that.