View Full Version : Progress of spacecrafts through the solar system in 2014

Lord Jubjub
2014-Jan-01, 02:24 PM
There are four spacecraft still heading for destinations in the solar system.

New Horizons will be crossing the orbits of a couple of centaurs and, in August, Neptune. This is the last full years NH will spend inside Pluto's orbit.

Juno will cross the orbits of Vesta, Dawn, and Ceres in April

Rosetta will come out of hibernation later this month and will enter cometary orbit in May. The lander will be launched in November.

Dawn has crossed halfway between Vesta and Ceres. It will begin maneuvers to enter Cerean orbit late this year.

2014-Jan-01, 03:36 PM

Not to forget Curiosity is still going on Mars, and Maven will reach Mars in September (and join the current orbiters). And Messenger and Cassini are still going strong.

India's Mars mission also reaches Mars in September, and the Chinese Lunar rover will be active.

2014-Jan-02, 12:18 AM
And Gaia should get to its L2 point in about a week and a half or so? 3 weeks from launch.

2014-Jan-05, 05:11 PM
Maven was launched in November of 2013, so it will get into martian orbit later in the year. I thought it would arrive earlier than that.

2014-Jan-05, 10:45 PM
Don't forget Opportunity. Still roving for, wow, 10 years this month.