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2004-Dec-09, 02:26 PM
I'm looking for an asteroid impact modeler program (nothing too fancy, just online stuff) that can tell you how many MT the force of the impact would be and a brief description of general effects.

(Preferably with neat pictures to see craters of similiar asteroids!)

Thanks before hand.

2004-Dec-09, 02:41 PM
try this (http://janus.astro.umd.edu/astro/impact/)I like to blow up mercury it funny. :P


2004-Dec-09, 04:12 PM
try this (http://janus.astro.umd.edu/astro/impact/)I like to blow up mercury it funny. :P

ScotsonOh, that's perfect, thanks!

2004-Dec-09, 07:03 PM
Well, the program does just fine when it comes to impacts of a reasonable size, but if the bodies are small or very big, flaws appear:

Small bodies:
If you let a rocky meteoroid the size of a car hit earth, it will hit ground, at least in pieces, but the program just announces a shooting star.

Big bodies:
a.) A 5,000 km diameter rocky planetoid on earth creates a crater of 18,600 km diameter, which is impossible.
b.) If you send the biggest possible body (9,999 km iron) at either Uranus or Neptune, you are informed that it will "burn up in the atmosphere". No way, it would hit the core, cause the impactor and the impacted body to disintegrate and probably regroup, forming a somewhat larger planet, unless the energy released is enough to overcome the gravitational force that keeps the planet together, which is extremely high (someone a while ago posted a link to a "death star blast calculator" that computes this energy, but I can't find it right now).

2004-Dec-09, 08:43 PM
Try here: