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2014-Jan-24, 08:18 PM
For a number of years people may have heard me talking in some thread about the Great Elliptical Basin, which is basically a thoery based on large scale vulcanism caused by dextral torsion, instead of mantel plume hotspots; This Basin encompases the the Newberry/Yellowstone/Longvalley hotspot regions, and older regions in colorado, etc.

Great Elliptical Basin http://www.mantleplumes.org/CRBEllipse.html

There have been a number of developments over the years, indicating they may have a good working model.

However this new plot of GPS mesaurments from 2011 to current, from UNAVCO, clearly shows the Dextral motion is actually occuring just as James Sears/Univeristy of Montana/and others had origianlly surmised/predicted when they developed the theory behind explaining the Great Elliptical Basin.


It's nice to see a newer theory in geology/techtonics being supported by unrelated GPS science.

2014-Jan-24, 09:38 PM
I wonder why it has to be either/or:

Geologists debate the origins of hot spots and associated large igneous provinces. Morgan (1972), Richards et al. (1989), and Ernst & Buchan (2001) think that hot spots and large igneous provinces represent outbreaks of deep mantle plumes. In contrast, Anderson (1994) and authors in Foulger et al. (2005) and Foulger & Jurdy (2007) propose that these features may form where lithospheric attenuation triggers decompression melting.

I don't mean each individual province being both, but why couldn't there be both? Could the Hawaiian hotspot travel really be supported by lithspheric attenuation?

2014-Jan-25, 06:45 AM
Actually it would make sense if there were both, in different area's. I don't think the Dextral Torsion model is meant to be a replacement for mantle plumes. In fact, Dextral Torsion could very well be unique to the Great Ellipse.