View Full Version : Just a wild theory about how the universe might have started.

2014-Jan-27, 01:36 PM
Well, i came up with this idea.

We know that in a galaxy that if hydrogen gas collides it can form stars.

Now just imagine a monster of a black hole surrounding it are enormous amounts of hydrogen of such quantity that if "they" would actually collide it instead of forming just a new star like in a smaller galaxy, it would be enough material to create an entire new universe. Same as in a regular galaxy, but then just on a much more massive scale, this could explain dark energy , which we can't see but comes from the black hole that our universe is being pulled maybe around or towards to.

2014-Jan-28, 02:14 AM
Observations of Dark Energy are not consistent with being pulled by or towards a centralized mass.

2014-Jan-28, 04:10 AM

The Space/Astronomy Questions and Answers forum is the place to get mainstream answers to questions. It's not the place to post an against-the-mainstream (ATM) idea. If you really do have a question, I suggest rephrasing your post.