View Full Version : Aptly named "The Hidden Book"!

2014-Jan-30, 09:56 PM
An old Gothic by an author named Mary Linn Roby.

Ordered it two weeks ago. And now comes this e-mail from seller:

I am so sorry for the delay in shipping your book. Maybe it's because of its title, The Hidden Book, but it's almost like it didn't want to be found. Someone had moved it from the Gothic section and it took my son and I more than a week to find it. It was laying in the Regency Romance section in with the W authors. Then when I was getting ready to package it, the store got busy and I set it aside. I couldn't find it later. I was about to cancel your order when I found the book last night, in one of the um teen boxes of books that came in that day.
I'm wrapping it right now and it will go out first thing in the morning...

Its cover [only scan I can find online]:


Gave me a chuckle.

2014-Jan-31, 11:22 PM
No false advertising that.

2014-Feb-02, 01:22 AM
Someone took the time to actually think about a customer response, kudos.

Paul Beardsley
2014-Feb-02, 07:38 AM
Four words:


2014-Feb-02, 09:06 PM
That or your punk carrier stole it, or threw it at the door and a punk neighbor got it. I've had a problem with thieves here.