View Full Version : Columbia’s Demise 11 Years Ago Today Sparked Regular Shuttle Inspections In Space

2014-Feb-01, 02:10 PM
The Columbia’s shuttle fiery end came as the STS-107 astronauts’ families were waiting runway-side for everyone to come home. NASA’s oldest space shuttle broke up around 9 a.m. Eastern (2 p.m. UTC) on Feb. 1, 2003, scattering debris along east Texas and nearby areas. Its demise was captured on several amateur video cameras, many of […]

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2014-Feb-02, 02:35 AM
This was another of those traumatic shock events like JFK's death and the Challenger explosion that freeze-frames in the memory where you were and what you were doing; a memory "landmark."

For me it was a Saturday morning and I was preparing a frozen stone surface for a concrete garage floor pour coming up on that Monday. I had a radio tuned to our local NPR station when first mention was made. I finished my work and went home and watched the coverage from Mission Control for hours, while recordeding it on my VCR.

2014-Feb-02, 04:10 AM
We had just come back from Bournemouth visiting my grandfather. The first inkling for me was logging on to BABB and seeing a thread titled something about contact being lost. I rushed downstairs to commandeer the TV and switched it to the news. It was the only major story of the day.