View Full Version : Nearly 40 Teams At Starting Line Of Inspiration Mars Mission Competition

2014-Feb-06, 02:50 PM
It won’t be long before we start to get the technical details of Inspiration Mars’ daring proposition to send a married couple on a round-trip journey to the Red Planet. The private organization, along with the Mars Society, announced that 38 teams have expressed an intention to participate in a design competition that will see […]

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2014-Feb-06, 03:34 PM
This may sound odd, but the idea of a manned Mars flyby only mission, just a Cajones-out inspirational stunt sans direct scientific justification, seems a far better idea to me than the never ending flow of apollo-style-landing-and-hunt-the-microbes pipe dreams.

From the relatively little I've read on this I'd vote it my 'most likely to actually happen, and not be a political/financial train wreck' MSF Mars mission proposal.