View Full Version : Craigslist - people playing games?

2014-Feb-06, 02:55 PM
I've twice turned to Craigslist: Two years ago, for a part-time job (local). And just this week, trying to find a freelance artist for a project I hope to get published (a publisher IS interested).

A man from my home state contacted me on Tuesday; gave a brief rundown of his experience, asked what I'm specifically looking for. I wrote back, brief and professional.

No reply.

I noticed this same "result" regarding part-time work via Craigslist: People responded to my post, I'd respond back...then nothing.

Mine were serious inquiries.

Wish they'd not reply in the first place, if not willing to carry through. At least write a second time and let me know "Sorry."

2014-Feb-06, 03:01 PM
Maybe they figured out that they actually aren't good enough to do it, or that there is too much work involved.

Related: From what I understand, shouldn't it the publisher that is hiring the artist, not you?

2014-Feb-06, 03:11 PM
Related: From what I understand, shouldn't it the publisher that is hiring the artist, not you?

No. This publisher doesn't have staff artists, is a "small" publisher, and people must supply their own art - if art is needed. Mostly it's artists who can also write, being published by them; I can write, but I'm not an artist. So it's my burden.

2014-Feb-11, 04:14 PM
Got a successful artist on board for a project which a publisher is interested in.

And now it seems that artist has abruptly gone MIA. :(

I've kept him up-to-date with publisher negotiations; brief e-mails.

Have since asked for his fee, and what monetary advance he seeks.

No reply. :(

If he's suddenly backed out - and without actually saying so - then I'm surprised and very disappointed (he has a nice online site/portfolio, is successful), and will be through with trying to find a service online. Will try for a local artist, even if I need someone totally familiar with the Midwest of USA.