View Full Version : NSF Report Biased, Expert Says: Americans Donít Think Astrology is Scientific

2014-Feb-18, 05:30 PM
Every Thanksgiving when I was home from college, at least one family member would turn to me and ask me how that astrology degree was going, or tell me about a new astrology article they read. It wasnít that my family members really thought I was studying astrology or even believed astrology was scientific, it […]

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2014-Mar-13, 05:57 PM
Astrologists use scientific tools - tracking the positions of the constellations and planets - plotting when the planets go retrograde.

So the question that needs to be ask is: Are astrological forecasts valid or scientific? Ok, you might still come up with 50%; but at least half of that 50% don't know the difference between astrology and astronomy.

2014-Mar-13, 07:51 PM
astrologers (I don't know what an astrolgist is) do try to use scientific predictions based on past correlations, it just that they only seem to work in the past, it turns out prediction is difficult especially about the future. However that turns out to be true for futurologists too, and they don't have the same excuses. They work on trends, and we all know trends are cyclic.:p