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2014-Mar-02, 01:33 AM
Say in the next couple of decades, you become a sort of immortal where you don't need to eat, drink, breathe, age, and are immune from the effects of your environment; you could live in the bottom of the ocean or on Mt. Everest. No amount of reasonable heat* can kill you nor can radiation harm you in any way. This scares everyone around you and the UN agrees to put you in a rocket and let you live on a planet or satellite of your choosing.

Where you go?

Me, I'd go to Mars; I'd like Venus or Europa a bit more, but I'd want to eventually interact with people again. Mars is cold and dusty but those would no longer effect me. I thought about being sent to Alpha Centauri. I wouldn't age and the what, 15,000 years it would take for me to get there I could live out, but, what if there's no planets to go to there? Or they're all hot-Jupiters?

*reasonable heat means no living on the Sun or visiting a black hole. You're not Q.

2014-Mar-02, 01:55 AM
I can't be killed or harmed? I'd like to see the UN try... ;D

2014-Mar-02, 02:11 AM
One of Saturn's larger moons, to enjoy the ENTIRE show.

Then off to one of Neptune's moons, ditto above.

I'd give both Mercury and Pluto a bit of time (back-to-back, for the ultimate "wow" comparisons).

Then Mars.

2014-Mar-02, 02:55 AM
I think the U.N. is offering one trip, not a tour.

Some place I could be brought back from would be best. Mars sounds good.

2014-Mar-02, 02:59 AM
I think the U.N. is offering one trip, not a tour...

Well I'm restless and curious, and want a tour. :p

2014-Mar-02, 03:16 AM
I can't be killed or harmed? I'd like to see the UN try... ;D

Hear that, UN? Slang dares you to try!

[And immortal me slips off in the kerfluffle]

2014-Mar-02, 03:24 AM
Sealing me in cement and dropping me in the ocean would be cheaper than sending me to Mars, so I would not be inclined to argue.

2014-Mar-02, 04:46 AM
The Earth's Moon, specifically a polar mountaintop. I'd want to stay in contact with my family with a short time delay. Also an easier return trip when the stupid fear-based panic decision inevitably gets reversed by those who want to study me to see if they can become immortal themselves.

2014-Mar-02, 05:29 AM
I'd probably burrow into one of the Jupiter trojans and take a nap for a few thousand years.

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2014-Mar-03, 02:45 PM
I'd be game (at least for the first few hours) to boldly go where no one has gone before. Put me on a ship with a vast computer based library including reading material, movies, and television - then launch. Even let me access the internet (on a slight delay - can't wait to see what Githyanki's resonse to this in 23 years!). Have a target in mind, and I'll see what's there. I imagine by the time I've read everything there is to read and watched everything there is to watch, I'd want to turn around. Oops.

I'd still want to eat because food tastes good. That would likely wreck my plans too. Couldn't bring much with me.

I'm assuming there would be a way to self-destruct if so desired?

2014-Mar-03, 04:40 PM
A World Out of Time (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_World_Out_of_Time)

Not my favorite Niven, but the thread, and Click Ticker's latest post, remnded me of it.

2014-Mar-03, 06:09 PM
I'd still want to eat because food tastes good. That would likely wreck my plans too. Couldn't bring much with me.

Bring a supply of seeds, a 3d printer, and instruction manuals. You have plenty of time to learn to build hydroponics.

In fact you can pretty much master any craft you want, provided the tools needed are launched with you and/or can be made from materials in space.

2014-Mar-03, 08:52 PM
I'd take a tour of our Solar System. Though maybe I'd end up settling on the Moon. I've always imagined how amazing the Earth must've looked from the Moon to the Apollo astronauts. Still, the view of Jupiter from any of its moons would be pretty amazing. Ditto Saturn. If I'm immortal and have plenty of fuel for my UN supplied rocket, interstellar travel would be on my agenda as well.

2014-Mar-04, 08:43 PM
Just above the atmosphere like the "Star Child" in Clarke's 2001'd be fine

http://img228.imagevenue.com/loc351/th_955887156_2001_16_star_child_122_351lo.jpg (http://img228.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=955887156_2001_16_star_child_122_351 lo.jpg)

2014-Mar-04, 10:14 PM
Satellite repairman would be a good job. They could send me tools, parts, and fuel for each job and not have to worry about food, air, water, and protective clothing for me. I could just watch TV between jobs powered by solar panels and it would cost NASA nothing.

2014-Mar-05, 06:27 AM
@Click Ticker: is the immortal mind infinite? What if it's finite? You spend those decades learning everything you wish, but say, you forget things like how to drive or even how to speak. You learn vast knowledge, but you forget who you were or where you came from; you forget the high-school you went to.

@SkepticJ: careful not to sleep too long; humans won't be around forever. You don't want to wake up and realize there's nobody left but you; sure, perhaps you can make escape-velocity and study the heavens to make a good chance you'd fall back to Earth; then land on a world with strange-creatures and no one else; or worse, an Earth slowly turning into a Venus with no liquid water...

@Slang: the strong don't always win, or else Andre the Giant would be King of the World; perhaps they were able to convince you with reason?

@Buttercup and Redshifter; Pioneer and Voyager had great tours of the solar-system, but I don't think they're coming back!!!

@Noclevername: it would be best you learn how to repair such devices; and I'd caution about being so close to Earth; it's true, you cannot be physically harmed, but psychologically, yes. They can use your family against you or lock you in a room for decades. And maybe you don't have any secrets of immortality at all.

@Chuck satellite repair would be a good skill, as would not being ejected from orbit; if you're orbit decays, well, they'll be able to send you back up. Being ejected is much more of a problem.

2014-Mar-05, 08:37 AM
@Noclevername: it would be best you learn how to repair such devices; and I'd caution about being so close to Earth; it's true, you cannot be physically harmed, but psychologically, yes. They can use your family against you or lock you in a room for decades. And maybe you don't have any secrets of immortality at all.

Why would they harm me? I'm cooperating with them.

And if I'm immortal, there's a cause. I'd be as interested in finding it out as other people would.

2014-Mar-05, 08:50 AM
For that matter, having a man on the Lunar pole full-time would be helpful: they could send up a shovel and science gear and have me dig up some ice for analysis. And I could set up telescopes and labs.

My other hobby would be building Moonbases in case of visitors. :)

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2014-Mar-05, 07:12 PM
This thread reminds me of the film, "The Man from Earth" (other than the banished part). Late 90's or early 2000's. Dialogue driven low budget film centered around a 14,000 year old man. Wasn't banished from earth, but it was an interesting take on immortality and how one might view their own life or the passage of time.

One bit of conversation I found interesting. A person challenging the claim asks, "Where were you on June 15, 1614!" (don't remember the exact date challenged). He responds, "Where were you on this day last year?"

2014-Mar-06, 11:00 AM
I can't be killed or harmed? I'd like to see the UN try... ;D
If your strength and other abilities are still in the human range then they would be able to do so easily. There are a lot of ways to disable someone that don't rely on injury to work, for example something like a sticky foam gun (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sticky_foam) would still work just fine.

2014-Mar-07, 09:54 PM
Here's a short-story I wrote:

It's dawn, a blue-dawn. I don't remember any other dawns but the blue-dawns. I don't really sleep anymore. I spend then night starring at the stars. I know the satellites, Phobos and Dimos. And I see all the probes up there, moving faster than the starts; I've got really, really good eye-sight. I've lost all abilities to keep track of time. Was it yesterday, or twenty years ago. Not too long ago I've seen a probe that got bigger and bigger; I can see it's tubes all connecting together. I seen another probe, that moves slower, but looks like a finger: it's slowly getting bigger.

As it gets lighter, I can see my red-skin much better than at night; I'm covered in dirt and my clothes have long since deteriorated. Back on Earth, I was very clean. I often dove into the sea; but, there's hardly any water here. I have to go to the caves deep under ground to find water; or I go Hellas Lake; a lake in the northern part of the Hellas region; it's full of water; salty, but water. There I planted trees, like the ones I remember on Earth. I remember living in the mountains; lots of trees; I would eat animals and fish; I miss eating. But I don't need to now.

I don't remember time anymore; I don't count the days, through I did find a rock with scratch-marks, marks I know I made, there were many; were they days or years?

It started small; first I could plant moss; but most of the time, it would die unless I planted near a source of water or morning mist. Then, when I learned off all the underground streams, I would plant trees. The trees that were ancient on Earth.

I've lost the ability to speak. There is not much to hear here. I don't think I can write anymore and my word number is limited. I remember they used to send probes in which I would interact, but they stopped coming; I know that was a long time ago.

I know the stars and every part of this place; I know exactly were I am. Now, I am near a place called Arcadia. It is spring. I know by the stars.

Well, I do remember a few things, especially about here; I am always warm; if I lay on soil for too long, the water will turn to liquid shortly before it boils away. Now, the water stays liquid until it freezes again. There is also more moss here; and trees. I don't remember planting the moss or these trees, but I probably did a long time ago and forgot.

I've been leaving tracks in the sand; I walk one way, then walk back the next to the way I walked before; I don't remember that; There are also more probe marks in the sand; they are sending more probes here; I remember it was a long time before I found probe tracks again.

I moving south, across the Aracdian-sea; there were creatures that lived here: I've seen their bones in the rocks and a forest, but I don't know what the trees were like. I don't walk anymore; that's why the tracks are strange. I fly. I can move around with wings. I used to fly on Earth; I used to find groups of fish and dive into the water and catch them; I swam too.

I saw a white-rock, it stood out in the red sands. I then remembered skulls and bones. Laying across a burn field.

Blue dawn, again. I spend the night in air, moving. Chrishe is where I am. I am often tempted to fly back to Earth, but I'm afraid I will get lost or lose power.

A probe. I see it far away; larger. Much larger. Sometimes, I don't see with my eyes, but I see it. Heading north, on Chise near Arabia.

A another probe. Moving. Close. I see it with my eyes, in the crater; I don't recognize this probe. It's small. Much small. I will go to it.

I know what they is, it's a space-suit; there's a person in there. It sees me. It's scared. I can hear its heart-beating faster and faster; it's thinking, "A-ku-ma". It's small; it's a child. Your sister ate children. I will calm it's heart. It went to sleep.

I planted a forest around the child. Tall trees to remind it of home. I made the roots find the water here; there is lots of water underground here. Then I saw, without my eyes, another probe and more children leaving it and coming towards me. I stayed still in the trees.

They were in wonder of the trees I planted. Looking at them. I saw that they saw an image of this crater without trees, and I sensed their wonderment. That's because I just planted them. Their fellow child was describing me; I could seem me through his eyes. I don't like I did. Did I? Did I always look like this? Hair, that's what I had; it's all gone. And eyes, well I have good eye-sight. I knew I didn't have a mouth anymore; I could feel it. They walked towards their probe, got into it and left. I followed.

I remained unseen; on Earth, one of the first things I learned was to be unseen. Only my shadow would be cause on the ground.

At night-time, they arrived at a village; how did I miss this? They built a village on my world. Without me seeing it! There were more children in there. I stayed outside, looking at their thoughts for images of Earth; all I saw were of inside metals, the blackness of space and landscape in the sky. I saw faces, food, thoughts of sound. Their faces looked nothing like mine. No wonder it was afraid. I don't know what language they speak; but I don't need to know it, I can see with my mind what they are saying with their sounds.

Blue-dawn: it sneaked up on me. I heard it: a loud hiss. It was a flying-machine, landing. It made a lot of dust, which took some time to settle in the thin-air. Now they have a flying-machine? Where did that come from? I saw their thoughts, they were talking about me; one of the children thought they were not well. Why are there so many children here? Where are the adults? Why are they small?

The flying-machine made dust, and heading south. The machine was much faster than the land-probes, but I could easily keep up with it. On Earth, I can break sound. Even hear, I've broken sound before.

Mid-day it arrived at another village: another village I missed! We were in Xante: a river, a river was flowing north; there were children looking at the water; they were learning it. It was a supply village. I looked to their minds; the same. Metal, screens, windows seeing space, the landscape in the sky. I found one. Blue skies! The others I just looked at what they were thinking; this one, I will go into. I started. I saw city, I saw the sea. I saw other children loved. I saw food, landscapes, brown-skies. Buildings, structures, children. Children? A child having children. This child was old, it had grey hair. Hair, that's what I had. This one lived for a long time. Then, its thought started to fade. Faded into nothing. I used my sight to see, it was laying on the floor, with blood coming out of its mouth and ears; it had malfunctioned.

Blue-dawn, orange-sky. The child was loaded into a flying-machine and made dust; this time, they went west. I took to the air. Then thought, "Mari, toma ah, lo aires, i hace fuego. Los mataremos todos".

Blue-dusk at Mons Arsi: the flight was long; this one was bigger, and a slower-machine. Lights, I saw lights, this wasn't a village: this was a city. A city they built and I missed it! How long had I been in the Arcadian-Sea?

I stayed back. I looked at the city; it is a collection of small domes connected by surface-tunnels. There were many domes and many tunnels. They had a train! They build a train while I was away. The train goes north and south. I want to know where those things go. I realize that this city had something I wanted; something called a computer. I don't want to go in there; I don't know what will happen; I don't need to destroy these children yet.

When I first saw the city, I remembered a city on Earth, on fire with meteors flying up, in a line. Lots of meteors, then fire, falling from the sky like water on the city.

I know I can't make myself known to these children: I would only scare them like the first one I met. I will go inside a child's mind.

It was easy. I can see through its eyes and hear; I breathe, again. This is strange to me. I'm in a room; a computer is in front of me. The symbols. I have never seen them, I push a button, then another and another. The screen has strange symbols; I don't know what they are.

I look down. I am a female-child. A man is in the room, he is talking to me. I don't understand his words. I think he is commanding me. This is doing nothing.

Using my sight to see around the city, it appears there are two types of children here: one of black-hair and dark-eyes and another of light-hair and light-eyes. The dark-eye ones seem to command the light-eyed ones. The light-eyed ones are always working whereas the dark-eyed ones seem to be talking to each other, giving commands to the light-eyed ones and learning things. Are the light-eyed ones slaves?

Blue-dawn: the dark-eyed ones are having a meeting; there is a computer in the room; they are talking to it. Is the computer their master?

Two dark-eyes in a garden-dome. I took one of the dark-eyed's body. I started speaking my words, I had trouble speaking. The other dark-eyed child was going for help, I saw it in his mind. I said, “No”. It stopped and said something in that strange language, but it understood me. I saw it wanted to help the body I was in. I asked what year it was and how is Earth, but, it did not come out as such. This is will not work.

Outside again, morning. I saw a flag; I know what a flag was. I saw them all the time. This flag was white with a large red-dot. Are they the nation of Mars? Does that red-dot mean Mars?

It was a few days later that I realized while the light-eyed ones could speak, when alone from the dark-eyes they spoke a different-language; perhaps they were are slaves. It is simple, I must learn the language of the children. I have to learn how to access their computers and find out about Earth.

Kichi is the name they were from. It was a massive space-city. It is a cylinder that rotates; that's why I saw the landscapes in the sky. They are from a land called Nippon. They don't eat meat. They eat plants. They eat a moss called, “Be-i”, I will plant this be-i, but not here. In a place near water.

With my mind, I saw the plant; I saw its structures. I can plant it. I will plant a few in this dome.