View Full Version : Satelline Bandwith and undisirable people in business

2014-Mar-04, 10:52 PM
Hello. I read somewhere recently that a person who is in business...gave some good advise to a group of people he sells to in business. Basically...they
were told to become smarter shoppers..to use the resources they have more efficiently..because they basically had no concern or interest in doing so before.

They did...and during that process..instead of entering a better agreement with the guy they got the info. from...they simply took his info. and used it to and by default probrobly reduced their costs.

People like this should be gotten rid of everywhere. They obviously are doing nothing for the business they are in and to be a bit harsh they are simple parisites.

Horrible thing too...these people have a tendency to ask for more resources..when their costs start to go up.

You know what I say? Not on your life...in fact YOUR FIRED!

2014-Mar-04, 11:00 PM

What does this thread have to do with space exploration? I honestly can't tell from the content of your post. I've closed this thread until we get this sorted out. Please report this post to explain your reason for posting it here.