View Full Version : General Aviation's 'Pilot-Share-the-Ride' program

2004-Dec-16, 09:19 PM
Nice world-wide resource (http://www.pilotsharetheride.com/default.asp) for pilots:
"Are you tired of flying alone? Want to share expenses or flying duties? Are you a new pilot with no airplane and want to check out different makes and models? Have you lost your medical? Maybe your plane is down for extensive repairs, or you are restoring or building an airplane or dealing with high fuel prices everywhere. If so, then Pilot Share The Ride could be what you're looking for..."

2004-Dec-17, 06:19 PM
Airplane-pooling? 8-[

Captain Kidd
2004-Dec-17, 06:22 PM
Huh, I'm surprised Glom hasn't posted yet. :D