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2014-Mar-17, 08:46 PM
Hi. I have just joined and started participating in the moon mapping crater project. I have tried to use the gallery feature to compare my images with others that have been marked. However, it always reads your images: 0 , your craters: 0. When, I view images, my markings don't show up. As well, when I look at the stats, I see "no data". I have done several images on a school computer using chrome as the browser and a couple of images at home using my ipad. Thanks

2014-Mar-25, 05:17 AM
I've run into the same problem - only the first three images that I processed when I first registered show up - all of the subsequent work seems to be unrecorded.

2014-Apr-06, 11:55 PM
Me too. :( I've done six images over two days, but none of them show up in my gallery. I don't really want to do more if they're not being saved... I'm not really certain how to proceed. I'm also using an iPad, with the Safari browser.

I read through a post below that seemed to be about similar issues, but nothing in it helped resolve this problem.

2014-Apr-08, 08:04 AM
I just did another three, and now one of the ones I just did is showing in my gallery. Still none of the others, and not the two more I did today. This is so frustrating!

2014-Apr-20, 04:52 PM
the images are not real time. when it shows the image that you did 2 images ago maybe 3 .. They really should # the images so that we could wee the number and match it up with the image we are looking for

2014-Apr-20, 04:53 PM
you shuld try a computer so much better . i do the i pad thing as well but when i can i always hop on a mouse operated deal