View Full Version : New Gully Appears On Mars, But Itís Likely Not Due To Water

2014-Mar-19, 07:30 PM
Check out the groove! In the blink of a geological lifetime, a new gully has appeared on the planet Mars. These images from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter show a new channel in the southern hemisphere region of Terra Siernum that appeared between November 2010 and May 2013. While there’s a lot of chatter about water […]

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2014-Mar-20, 12:52 AM
Meanders often point to fluid formation. But it might not be a newly formed gully, but rather an explosively exhumed gully. Alternating layers of ice laden dust and frozen CO2 could build up over time in the darker recesses of the gully until a warmer day heats the CO2 trapped between ice layers. The event of release clears the gully of the build up. The mechanism would be similar to Martian spiders near the Southern Latitudes but on crater walls that do not get enough sunlight.