View Full Version : Possible new planet within our own back yard

2014-Mar-26, 08:17 PM

Article today in the Guardian regarding a journal article to be release tomorrow within Nature. It would seem that we have a new possible dwarf planet in the outskirts of the solar system.


2014-Mar-26, 08:33 PM
The article is about an object in a somewhat less distant orbit than Sedna's (the new one is 80AU to 450AU, Sedna goes out to about 900 AU). The article speculates that the two objects are maybe shepherded by some larger object much further out, but that is still very speculative (hence the word "hinted").

2014-Mar-26, 10:28 PM
Oh oh. Get ready for all the Planet X/Nibiru/ET Spacecraft garbage that's sure to follow. :doh:

2014-Mar-26, 11:29 PM
I think that it is interesting to still be discovering this about our own solar system, and the notion of a large body (whilst only a possibility not confirmed) in the distant reaches.