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2014-Apr-01, 07:34 AM
Yeah. This is a political thread. But there's nowhere else I can ask this.

I am disabled, and as a disabled person I frequently feel around Randian hyper-libertarians the way blacks or Hispanics must feel around Republicans; you know they probably don't want you deported, but they wouldn't necessarily raise a ruckus if you were. As such, I've often been slightly alarmed at how the internet has unleashed this libertarian strain of thought on humanity, particularly now, and with Leviathan rolling back on every front, it seems that Atlas Shrugged wavers like Elon Musk are our only way forward as a species, unless we want to curl up and buckle under global warming. The first colonies in the Americas were founded on the principle of constructing a socio-political ideology in line with their founders, and we don't generally look back on them with much fondness these days. I keep thinking that Elon Musk's Mars colony should be called Rapture, after the underwater city constructed on Randian principles in the game Bioshock. Of course, Rapture eventually devolved into civil war and anarchy, so perhaps I will have the opportunity to engage in schadenfreude should that play out for Elon.

On the other hand, what if they're right? What if true Randian heroes are the only ones with the gumption, intelligence and will to make it into space, and us weaker, submissive subhumans should just curl up and wait to die with the rest of the proles?

Hm. Apparently you can't delete your own first posts. OK then. Well, next time I'll take a breather before posting after I watch Astronomy Cast.

2014-Apr-01, 08:03 AM
Before this thread gets closed, I will quickly add that I have no idea who Rand is or what an Atlas Shrugged is. Everyone I have asked has no idea either. This may be a purely local problem. (Which doesn't help, I realise.)

2014-Apr-01, 09:20 AM
She was a fashionable, turgid novelist who seems to have started a rather cult-like political "philosophy," possibly in response to another cult-like political philosophy which (perhaps rather severely) inconvenienced her.

About the only way the randians will conquer space is if they, quite hypocritically, get massive government subsidies, which they would need to lobby for.

2014-Apr-01, 09:54 AM
I don't think borderline anarchistic ideas about being allowed to do absolutely anything you want would hold much traction in a restricted, artificially maintained environment where everything you do affects everyone else, and may quite possibly kill them. If building codes are government oppression on earth, imagine the same idea in space: There's no redundancy in the life support system because it's not profitable and nobody mandates it. Whoops! You're all dead! Should have chosen a place to live from a better provider I guess.

If there's gonna be libertarians in space I wouldn't expect them to act very libertarian if they want to stay alive. Rich owners maintaining extremely tight control over people living in their habitat, though...

I don't know much about Musk's politics but I doubt he's quite Randian. He has repeatedly talked about the importance of government partnership to them.

2014-Apr-01, 10:29 AM
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