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2004-Dec-20, 11:48 PM
Ok you know what? I think people, particularly publishers, should keep in touch more often. I was in the bookstore today casually going through magazines and picked up the January 2005 edition of Popular Communications. I am scanning through the articles when all of a sudden it suddenly registers "hey wait, that's MY name there!" I turn to page 60 and there is my picture and short essay regaling the tale of "how I got into radio."
Not as random as it sounds really: Pop Com does a thing every month where the publish the best "how I got into radio" essay. I sent in a little essay I wrote in a half hour one boring day last October, recieved a form letter response, and promptly forgot about it until today. I guess I should've recieved an issue by now but my college address is the one they got and I haven't been there about a week.
Still, that's one way to recieve a jolt! :o

2004-Dec-20, 11:52 PM
=D> \:D/ Wheyhey!! What a lovely pre-Cristmas surprise.

2004-Dec-21, 12:11 AM

Long ago, I was pictured and quoted in an article in Popular Computing magazine, I think it was, but they put a co-worker's name on my picture, and about half of what I was claimed to say in the interview came from the same co-worker -- which was fine with me because he was a better extemporaneous speaker.

Does that count as my 15 minutes of fame?

2004-Dec-21, 04:41 AM
That rules Andromeda! I want to pick up some random (or not so random :wink: ) magazine and see myself in there!

2004-Dec-21, 04:55 AM
That rules Andromeda! I want to pick up some random (or not so random :wink: ) magazine and see myself in there!

Heh, with my luck the magazine I would be in would be something like Nutjob Quarterly

2004-Dec-21, 05:05 AM
Wheyhey!! What a lovely pre-Cristmas surprise.
Yep! As of right now only my mom and sis in my family know about it because they were in the bookstore. Then I decided to keep it a secret and give the magazine to my dad as a Christmas present because I talked about him a bit in it. I think he'll like it. 8)

2004-Dec-21, 09:41 AM
Speaking of NutJob Quarterly, Did you see the article about me where I explained how I helped God form the Universe? It was a great reading adventure. Especially where I introduced PlayDoh!

2004-Dec-21, 02:41 PM
Where can we get our autographed copies? How about the glossy 8x10s for your fan club? :D

Hey way to go, that's very 8)