View Full Version : Get Mom a Crater on Mars for Motherís Day

2014-May-06, 11:10 PM
There’s a great book (and a not as great movie) called “Mars Needs Moms” . It’s a heartwarming (dare I say tear-jerking) story that provides a Martian’s-eye view of how important Moms are, and that they’ll love us “to the ends of the universe.” With Mother’s Day coming up — and if you’re looking for […]

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2014-May-07, 02:26 AM
Alan Stern did this? OK, that's it, I give up.

2014-May-07, 04:59 AM
So "fake" selling crater names is ok, but "fake" selling star names is not...

Talk about a double standard.

If they did it for free, then it wouldn't concern me, but they are charging money for this, and in my book, that makes this a scam...I don't care WHO is behind it...