View Full Version : Are we able describe 3 mass simple motion without experiments

2014-May-10, 10:19 AM
Step 1 we have m*V = Po and energy Eo = m*V*V/2

Step 2 mass m is hiting other mass m

Step 3 mass m + M + rope are making very hard to describe motion

We can observe many single torque Impulses T1..T2..T3.... (R2 x Fr) where Fr it is radial force ( F1,F2...Fn )

Energy Eo will be exchange for many torque impulses . Problem that I notice - before test Torque = ZERO
but after step 2... ?


3 mass test Ytube model

youtube video (http://youtu.be/SKkYSZsQraU)

2014-May-11, 12:56 AM
First of all, if you know the physics and the math you can calculate a lot.
Second, a mass hitting another mass, where does the rope come from?
Third, there is no "law of conservation of torque" so there is no problem.
Fourth, if it is a radial force then the torque will be zero if you do the cross product RxFr.
Fifth, maybe you should spend some time writing a clearer question.
Maybe it is in the youtube video, but either China is blocking that or the link does not work.