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2004-Dec-24, 03:34 AM

Okay i stumbled across this page. Is this an accurate prediction of where we are going to be in 16 years?

I can't believe we would be living in something that well, poor. I mean it doesn't even look like it would use centrifugal force to immitate gravity, for a serious long term habitat. I know we was supposed to be living on the moon by 1999 but isn't making a smaller ISS by 2020 a serious regression?

Making this short as i need sleep before christmas.

2005-Jan-05, 06:53 AM
I have doubts about that. Too many think that our current station is soaking us too heavily, won't be completed, etc. Making another would be either one or two too many. The way things are going, more stations are not likely from governments.

Corporations and the private sector will probably extend any serious reach in space with permanent infrastructure, likely with tourist dollars and quite some time into the future.

Now, I would love to see the station finished and focused on serious business of science. It is unfortunate that a large number of hours up there is spent on running the station and not too much on science. (Although that in itself is a learning experience)

As for the 2020 station design, if the support structure was strong enough, it could be spun for grav sim. Rotating a smaller attached section for exercise, sleep and gravity experiments would probably be better. Less hard structure would be needed and would keep areas for microgravity experiments, which currently is a major point for having a space station.

My personal future is too far away. I think I was born 2-3 hundred years too early. #-o Maybe I'll freeze my head to see it! :D