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2014-Jun-03, 04:00 PM
Hello everyone,

I hope this is in the appropriate forum. This is my first post here so go easy on me! I host a bi-weekly half hour podcast for Janesville (Wisconsin) Community Radio called What's Up This Week. I'm only 14 episodes in so it's still pretty rough. Currently my show runs on Blog Talk Radio using Janesville Community Radio's account. I do my own writing, recording and editing in my home. JCR is now asking for more $ than I can afford from all of us podcasters to pay the rent for the studio. Unfortunately that is not something I can do right now. I don't even use the studio! I've worked at this podcast for a long time and I have 55 "likes" on my Facebook page which I worked hard to get! I would really feel bad if I had to stop doing this because it is lots of fun. Sometimes I feel redundant though with all of the other amazing podcasts and YouTube channels out there.

Currently my show consists of an intro talking about what's going on, weather and small talk for a few minutes. Next I cover a little bit of current space related news. (That Chinese moon lander mission really was the hardest thing I ever tried to pronounce!) Then I tackle a subject in astronomy like scales of the universe or motions of objects in the sky or seasons. Then the actual "What's up this week" segment talks about where to find the moon and planets and sometimes an interesting object or two. Then I plug all of my favorite resources (including CosmoQuest) and that's it.

I started doing this for Janesville Community Radio because I wanted the local listeners to get some information in their heads about astronomy. Some people have told me that they really enjoy it. I even have some shows planned in the future with interviews. I've lined up a couple of local amateur astronomers to talk about how they got into it, what equipment they use, and what they like to observe. I would still like to serve the southern Wisconsin community but also have my podcast be useful anywhere in the country. I think the key to my success lies in focusing on things like star parties, fun objects to observe, outreach events and things of that nature. I now live in Madison so would like to cover more than just Janesville.

I have been thinking of uploading better quality audio to YouTube after the show airs on Blog Talk Radio since the audio quality is reduced to 8-bit 8KHz on BTR. Since my future with BTR is quite uncertain I may have to switch to YouTube full time. The problem is that nobody likes going to YouTube for audio only and I don't know if I'm pretty enough to be on camera. lol

Sorry for my meandering thoughts. Does anyone know of any affordable podcasting hosts that may be able to fit my needs? I would like to be discoverable on podcasting software via RSS or whatever. I may not be opposed completely to YouTube with video but I'm still nervous about that. I would rather just use YouTube as a supplement to my audio podcast to be honest.


P.S. I'm a big fan of CosmoQuest and I think you do amazing work!

Tl;dr: Aside from Blog Talk Radio and YouTube are there any good but cheap hosts for podcasting.