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Silent Knight
2004-Dec-24, 06:41 AM
SMGF (www.smgf.org) is a non-profit organization gathering information on genealogy and genetics. You can request a kit and they will send you a mouth rinse to send in your DNA. They also include a pedigree chart. I think their main goal is find geographic and genetic patterns. But they also want to compare pedigree charts with DNA. You have to have names, birthdates and birth places for 4 generations to participate. Your parents count as the first generation. I have information on 5 generations and just sent one off today. I'm not sure how it works outside the USA, but they sent me a stamped envelope to return the sample. They are trying to gather samples from all over the world and so they need more from outside of the US. They won't send you any personal information, but you can buy a Y chromosome test from another party and check their Y chromosome database. If you're interested in genealogy and genetics I think you should check it out. I can suggest a couple of websites to help you with your genealogy.

2004-Dec-26, 03:59 AM
This is very neat, Silent Knight.